The Advantages of Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

One part of dental health is taking care of your gums. Unfortunately, smoking, poor oral health, chronic disease, certain medications, and even genetic factors can affect the health of your gums. Still, it’s important to keep your gums healthy, because gum inflammation, also called periodontal disease, can have a negative effect on health throughout your body—including your heart.

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When you visit your dentist, one way he or she may treat gum disease is with lasers. Periodontal laser therapy uses a dental laser to get rid of inflamed gum tissue near the root of the tooth. Any rough spots that may attract bacteria and cause future infection are removed, according to Then, the area between the gum and the root can regenerate.

Scientific studies show that treatment with a laser can have similar results compared to the traditional treatment called scaling and root planing, according to the American Academy of Periodontology.

There are some advantages of laser treatment for gum disease. Lasers can easily target the areas that need treatment the most, and recovery and healing are quicker compared with more traditional dental surgery. There is still some controversy over use of the laser for gum disease as it is a newer treatment; however, more and more dentists are finding that it can provide benefits for patients.

Talk to Dr. Goldberg to learn more about laser treatment for gum disease to see if it’s right for you. To better protect your teeth and gums, avoid smoking, brush regularly, keep with regular dentist visits, and floss daily.

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