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Serving Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Ellenton, and Palmetto.

Dr. Goldberg specializes in a wide range of cosmetic, reconstructive and laser dentistry solutions for patients of all ages.

José M. Goldberg, D.D.S.

Member of the Florida and New York Boards of Dentistry.

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What Makes Us Special

A Dedicated Team of Dentistry Professionals

Dr. José M. Goldberg has been a Dentist in Bradenton, Florida since 1993. Prior to moving his practice to the Sunshine State, Dr. Goldberg practiced in the State of New York. Being Board Certified in both states, Dr. Goldberg offers his patients over 30 years of experience. Furthermore, his practice offers a high degree of competency based on knowledge, experience and exposure to even the rarest dental conditions.

Our dental staff consists of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry specialists, dental hygienists and support staff to ensure that all patients receive undivided attention–the way it should always be. After all, we treat our patients like family and that’s why they keep telling their friends and family why they love to have Dr. Goldberg as their family dentist.

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