Teeth Whitening

Dr. Goldberg and his team of dentistry professionals can help you turn back the clock on your smile for a more youthful look. As you age, your tooth enamel accumulates stains and discolorations that can make your smile appear dull or unhealthy. However, with a simple tooth whitening treatment, you can say goodbye to unsightly stains and hello to a dazzling, youthful smile.

Want whiter teeth?

Let Dr. Goldberg restore your teeth’s youthful look.


Teeth Whitening Makeover

Before proceeding with a teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Goldberg will want to first determine the cause of your discolored teeth. In general, teeth stains come in two varieties:

  • Extrinsic stains: This type of staining occurs because of external factors. Foods like blueberries, soy sauce, and tomato sauce; beverages like coffee or red wine; and tobacco products are the most common contributors to extrinsic teeth stains. If you have this type of discoloration, you may be a great candidate for one of our teeth whitening treatments.
  • Intrinsic stains: These stains develop from within the tooth and, unfortunately, cannot be adequately addressed via peroxide-based teeth whitening treatments. The most common causes for intrinsic staining include medications like tetracycline, root canal therapy, and overexposure to certain minerals like fluoride or iron. If you have intrinsic stains, don’t despair.

Several other cosmetic dentistry services offered by Dr. Goldberg, such as cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers, can help you achieve a bright, stain-free smile in conjunction with teeth whitening.


Teeth Whitening Procedure

If you’re interested in a dramatically whiter smile in record time, our in-office whitening procedure might be your best option. The is usually a same-day procedure that can be scheduled in advance by calling Dr. Goldberg’s office.

Dr. Goldberg prefers to use Opalescence® whitening products exclusively, because they provide predictable results. But before proceeding, we will protect your gums and apply a desensitizing paste to your teeth. Next, we will apply the whitening gel to your teeth using a very small brush. The gel is chemically activated, so you don’t have to sit under a hot light for an hour. We will apply another coat of gel if needed. Most of our patients reach their ideal shade in about an hour to an hour and a half!

Teeth whitening treatments are often an essential part of a smile makeover, a treatment plan that incorporates several procedures to achieve a patient’s desired smile. For instance, many of our Invisalign® patients opt to have their teeth whitened once they complete their orthodontic treatment. For patients who have one or two porcelain veneers placed as part of their smile makeover, a tooth whitening treatment can result in a dazzling new smile.

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