Family Dentistry

Dr. Goldberg wants your entire family to feel comfortable and relaxed during a visit to our dental office. We understand that visiting the dentist can be intimidating, especially for young children. With years of experience treating children, Dr. Goldberg and his staff can instill habits that build the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. We also understand the dental needs of our older patients, and offer a variety of restorative treatments to maintain healthy smiles at any age. Dr. Goldberg is a family dentist in Bradenton who makes his patients’ comfort and safety his primary concern.

Dental Health for All

Dr. Goldberg is your family dentist.


Family Dentistry for Children

We believe the experiences children have at the dentist’s office when they are young can shape the way they feel about dental health for their entire lives. We strive to create a warm atmosphere that will alleviate fears and anxiety.

Dr. Goldberg will take the time to carefully explain everything about your child’s appointment. He will answer all their questions and use language they can easily understand. A first visit might consist of an office tour and simply getting to know our team. We will only proceed with the exam once your child is fully engaged and relaxed. This level of commitment and understanding truly sets our practice apart from other offices.

Dr. Goldberg also teaches young patients proper brushing and flossing habits to ensure a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Incorporating proper techniques from the start can prevent more serious problems in the future. We also offer procedures tailored to children’s unique needs, like fluorides and sealants to protect the molars from decay.


Family Dental Care You Can Trust

Like your general health, your oral healthcare needs change during the natural aging process. Regardless of your unique condition, Dr. Goldberg can provide you with excellent care.

His conservative approach allows you to preserve as many of your natural teeth as possible, while eliminating any problem areas of disease or decay. For example, we can perform fillings and root canal treatments to restore health to damaged or decayed teeth. If you suffer from missing teeth, we offer dental implants and other restorative options, and even full mouth reconstruction for comprehensive rehabilitation.

The health of your mouth has a substantial impact on your overall wellness. Poor oral health has been linked to diabetes, respiratory ailments, heart disease, and other conditions. Keeping up with your regularly scheduled cleanings and exams will allow Dr. Goldberg to identify and monitor any oral health issues and screen for early warning signs of periodontal disease.

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