If one of your teeth possesses a small amount of decay, you may be a good candidate for a filling. Fillings offer conservative treatment aimed at protecting a threatened tooth. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped, layers of a composite material will be applied to guard against further decay. Our practice prefers tooth-colored filings for their ability to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Got cavities?

Stop further tooth decay with fillings.


How to Prevent Tooth Cavities

They may not call you sweet tooth for nothing at the dentist’s office. If you had to go in for a dentist visit and you were told you need fillings, chances are that it is due to cavities in your teeth. But how can candy be so good for your tastebuds and so bad for your teeth? The answer is simple: starches and sugars found in candy, soft drinks and other food items can convert into acids that cause tooth decay. The tooth decay is mostly caused by the bombardment of acid over the tooth’s enamel, which eventually wears off its minerals and leads to irreparable damage–in other words, a cavity.

So if you are prone to getting cavities, we urge you to refrain from eating or drinking sweets and soft drinks in excess as this can lead to tooth decay. While Dr. Goldberg would love to see you often, he also wants you to take good care of your teeth, gums and overall mouth health. By doing so, you can reduce your visits to the dentist and avoid having to get fillings every time you get a cavity.

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