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Dr. José M. Goldberg and his staff work hard every day to ensure each patient receives the absolute best dental care in the Bradenton/Sarasota Area. Best of all, our patients always have kind words to say about our practice for over 30 years. We strongly believe that every happy person will tell twenty others about a great experience and Dr. Goldberg’s staff understands this and lives up to every patient’s expectation. If you are a happy patient and would like to share your own testimonial about Dr. Goldberg, please use the form below to share your great experience.

Patient Testimonials

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Lori A.
“Thank you, Dr. Goldberg and staff. I had a front tooth that had died for some reason and was darker than the rest. I hated my smile and avoided photographs. He fixed my tooth and I’m no longer self-conscious. Thank you for helping me enjoy my smile again.”
Lori A.Bradenton Area Patient
Joe F., Jr.

“I want to thank you for giving me back the smile I had as a young man. You worked a miracle undoing the damage, wear and stains accumulating over the years. I now have compliments on my teeth from people I don’t even know. I also want to tell you how much I appreciate the care and consideration shown to me by your staff, all of whom are wonderful. I look forward to my visits to your office and hope to continue receiving care in the years to come.”

Joe F., Jr.Bradenton Area Patient
Nancy T.

“It was my first visit. I’m scared of places like yours. From the first moment I called to make the appointment and spoke with Deborah to the moment I left, I was treated very kindly and professionally. Deborah went out of her way by stopping by my previous dental office and picked up my panels. Beth and… I just forgot her name, cute, short-haired blonde girl that assisted the doctor, were very nice, helpful and treated me with compassion. I appreciated the fact Dr. Goldberg did not give me a hard time about the condition of my teeth. I had the impression the staff all liked each other and respected each other. All in all, a good experience. However, like I said at the beginning, it was my first visit. Nothing invasive was done. Ask me again after my next appointment, which, by the way, is a root canal. I hope I feel the same way. I probably will about the staff, they won’t hurt me, right? 🙂 Message to the doctor, NO PAIN, PLEASE… Thank you.”

Nancy T.Sarasota Area Patient
Pete E.

“I don’t know what could be changed to improve your services. In addition, to be a darn good dentist you have great female assistants and funny enough I enjoyed going to your office. As a passing comment, I would appreciate that my first name is spelled correctly.”

Pete E.Bradenton Area Patient
Don S.

“The entire staff was friendly and professional. I left feeling well cared for, and with a good knowledge of what I need to do in the future for continued dental health. Mary Kvederis did an excellent job. Thank you. I will happily refer anyone who needs a good dentist to your office.”

Don S.Lakewood Ranch Area Patient
Barbara S.

“Dear Dr. Goldberg: I am thrilled with my new capped front teeth! I wish to ‘Thank You’ again for an absolutely outstanding job! I must compliment you, Dr. Goldberg, and your staff (Debbie, Beth, et al.) on the PROFESSIONALISM of your practice… from the way I am greeted at every visit, to the attention given to my comfort and well-being, to the cleanliness of your offices and equipment, and to your perfectionism and up-to-date dental skills! I have been especially pleased with the results of all the dental work I’ve had completed over the years at your office and wanted you to know!”

Barbara S.Bradenton Area Patient
Winnie K.

“I don’t know how you all could be any better!! You are tops in my book. I know that you understand my fears and work with me to cope with that. Such a loving team of workers and you make me feel so god being there. Thank you all so very much.”

Winnie K.Bradenton Area Patient
Dan C.

“I’m NOT a dentist kinda person… at least I didn’t used to be. ALL of your staff introduced themselves to me on my very first visit. I felt very comfortable before I ever even made it to THE chair. My second visit was my cleaning… great experience!!! I’ve already made an appointment for my wife with our NEW dentist!”

Dan C.Sarasota Area Patient
Charles B.W.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Goldberg’s since he started practicing in Bradenton, FL. I have recently decided to change my smile. I chose to have my old crowns replaced after many years of satisfaction. However, as does everything… over time it breaks down and needs to be replaced. I chose Dr. Goldberg to replace my smile. His office is outstanding. The front desk always greets me with a warm smile and are willing to help me with my appointments and answer any insurance questions I might have. Dr. Goldberg’s clinical assistants are always on hand to offer comfort and complete professional satisfaction during my visits. Dr. Goldberg’s hygienist is always thorough and precise during my cleanings with her. As I said earlier, I have replaced my old smile with a brand new one. Dr. Goldberg is a professional and a perfectionist with his work, as you can see with my brand new smile. ‘THIS SMILE IS PERFECT!’ The color, shape and bite. There were words I could not pronounce correctly but with my new crowns I don’t even think about it. I feel like a new man. I will continue to see Dr. Goldberg and his staff on a regular basis and I suggest that if you have not found yourself a great dentist, give Dr. Goldberg a try and you will be satisfied.”

Charles B.W.Bradenton Area Patient
Tasha J.

“Dr. Goldberg, or as I call him Dr. G, was one of the best dentists I have been to in quite some while. My appointment was at 2:30 and I arrived 15 minutes earlier and did not have any wait time. The assistants welcomed me with great generosity. Knowing that I am terrified of the dentist, he was very gentle. I would recommend Dr. G to anyone.”

Tasha J.Bradenton Area Patient

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